Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Stockholm the Capital

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Today I was in Stockholm – our Capital in Sweden.
While my husband gave a lecture at a conference I ran around shooting. Then we went on up north. Now I am sitting in the mountains in the middle of Sweden and more than 1000 km from Lund where I live.

I have the Royal Palace in my back. The house in front and under is the Parliament. Don’t miss the Swedish flag ;)

The House of Nobility.

The Royal Palace.

Here the King arrives in the morning to do his work. (He lives in another castle.)

This is the Royal Palace from another side.

The Royal Palace by night – shot yesterday.

Next time I perhaps have some nice winter shots from the Highlands here. My husband will go skiing and I shooting.


Sylvia K said...

It looks as though you're both having a great time! And your photos are superb as always, Birgitta! Look forward to the next ones! Have a wonderful week!


Randi said...

Så vackra bilder!!! Får mig att längta tillbaka...suck, suck. Hoppas du njuter av sol och vackra vyer i fjällvärlden.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots! I work near the palace and really must make time to go and see it in its full glory.

Nattsyrran said...

Härliga bilder från vår vackra huvudstad!!

Genie said...

Beautiful photography. The shot of the Royal Palace at night is awesome....ad the first one of the lion is great. I think you got the best deal out of the trip. I’d certainly rather be shooting pictures than most anything. Hope you all have had a wonderful time in the highlands. Can’t wait for the new photos.

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