Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Harmony in life

Sepia Scenes 


Well prepared wine yard.


Still going … and strong. Close-to-life-living and harmony. It gives more peace in mind to watch than the city traffic.


Mimmi said...

vilka otroliga fina bilder .. jag blev förflyttat 70 år tillbaka i tiden och det kändes härligt :)
kram :D

Ralph said...

The old ways were tougher, harder. Yet the style and hard work of man and horse is special, the ways of the past a bit more pure. Hard work never gets old!

Genie said...

If my husband had his way, he would do everything the old way. The shot of the man with his work horses is wonderful. It represents such a lovely way of life from the past.

anemonen said...

Vackra bilder och så passande i just sepiaton. Hur har du fått fram just den fina tonen?

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