Tuesday, 17 May 2011

R for Rudenius

ABC Wednesday 

How the name RUDENIUS was born. Until early 1900 it was common to make the last name after the fathers first name. And the eldest son got the same first name as his grandfather.

Like Peter Johansson – son Johan Petersson – sonson Peter Johansson – ….. the sonson’s brother could be Anders Johansson and sister Anna Johansson.

My father was born 1910 and this habit broke – he got the same last name as his father – Pettersson. At this time many Swedish had names that ended with –son.

My grandfather was born in a farm/property with the name RUDEBO. My grandfather’s elder brother changed Pettersson to Rudenius after Rudebo.

About 1940 my father and his six brothers also changed from Pettersson to RUDENIUS. My grandfather was dead at this time and my grandmother never wanted to change her married name.

So I and my cousines are born RUDENIUS after RUDEBO as the last name. I kept Rudenius after I married.

This is RUDEBO, Linneryd, Småland, Sweden.



photowannabe said...

I think its fascinating how peoples' names came to be. Thank you for the information on your family.
Have a wonderful day.

Kris said...

What a great history lesson!

Roger Owen Green said...

I hope you are keeping this info somewhere where descendants can keep track!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jane and Chris said...

Just glad that I don't have to remember all of that!!
Jane x

Carola said...

Interesting name history.

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Fascinating! It's interesting to hear how names are formed in other countries. When I lived in Belgium I was told I was not allowed to use my married surname anymore & had to revert to my maiden name because of some Napoleanic law!

Sylvia K said...

Such a fascinating post, Birgitta! I loved reading about your family's history and how names are formed in other countries! Glad I don't have to remember it all -- not with my memory or lack thereof theses days! Have a great week1

ABC Team

Ms. Burrito said...

I love being part of ABC, it enRiches my vocabulaRy. You choice of R is teRRific!

Would you mind to visit my R post, please?

Hildred and Charles said...

A very interesting tradition, Brigitta. So interesting to hear how you went from a very Swedish sounding name to Rudenius , which is really very melodious.

Carver said...

Fascinating history and I love the photograph.

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