Thursday, 6 January 2011

SF - Uggly & Beauty

One thing I enjoy very much here in Budapest is the contrasts. Old houses with lost beauty and old make-overed houses turned beautiful again. It is really a fantastic historical atmosphere here. I just love it!

Can you see the holes from the bullets on this house?
I think this house will be beautiful again in some years.

Next to the bullet house is this restored and the opposite house is very artistic in it’s architecture …

… don’t you think? ….

…. decorated with paintings and different details …


Sorry I couldn’t offer any exciting skies today – it’s very greyish wheather.
But I have some fire work skies from New Years Eve :)

I am on Pest side. Lots of boats in full lights on the Danube, fireworks over the Chain Bridge and the Matthias Church on Buda side in the background.


At least once in a life time I hope everyone have the opportunity to enjoy Budapest IRL.

It is the most beautiful and interesting city! I love Budapest!



Martha Z said...

Thanks for this view of the city my grandfather left over 100 years ago. I have never visited but would like to.

LauraX said...

wonderful buildings and even with the bullet holes...they tell a we need to remember, to keep terrible things from happening again.

such a beautiful city.

jo©o said...

Ahah, there you are!
I was beginning to worry :-)
What a wonderful place. You seem to visit there a lot.
Best wishes for the New year Birgitta.

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