Thursday, 31 March 2011


SkyWatch Friday 

Skywatch Team:
Klaus | Sandy | Wren |Sylvia

The wall is restored and newly painted over the graffiti. New graffiti is already there.

We saved this piece of land when we sold our farm. Almost 3 ha in the centre of Bjäre in Båstad. Perhaps the children wants to build houses here.

Always up to breake the sky line.

Now I also have a page on facebookthanks to all of you who like my page! FOTO=photo.
I love to learn more and I want to explore every new possability in the social web.


Sylvia K said...

There are such amazing differences in all of our skies each week and it never ceases to amaze me! Terrific captures of your very different skies! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Happy SWF!


LauraX said...

as Sylvia mentions above...each image has a different quality and each is beautiful!

Gary said...

Graffetti looks the smae the world over. Strange isn't it. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Genie said...

I love the variation in the 3 shots. From the red wall with its pale sky and new graffiti to the vibrant blue sky and brown landscape in the second to the shades of purple in the last...these are great shots. I ma so glad you kept some your land when you sold the property. I know your children will appreciate it one of these days. You have given us a lovely series this week. said...

each one is beautiful and let me reflect about the life. The life is not the same, everyday. Everything change as fast I can´t control.
nice day and cognrats

Lycka till på facebook

Mark Kreider said...

We all recognize and appreciate the contrasts in this week's SkyWatch submissions. I just wish to voice my approval... this is very nice photography, well done!

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