Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My World

My World 

The other weekend we went to Stockholm and then we headed north to the Swedish mountains.

This is a narrow street in Gamla Stan – the Old City – in Stockholm. It’s the area aroud the Royal Castle.

A little square with charming old houses and shops.

The east side of the Royal Castle.

This is where we stayed in the north. We lived in the red house in a small flat. I became ill and couldn’t enjoy the week. I had been food poisened and spend my time in bed mostly.
My husband could go skiing and I am so happy he didn’t get ill because it was he who most wanted to go skiing. I wanted to take pictures and walk with Milton. I was to tired to shoot and use my PC. Not so many photos as I wanted.


Now we are home again. It was lots of little yellow “suns” in the grass. I picked the two above. Today I saw a doctor and everything seems ok but I am still very very tired.

Tomorrow I will see my hairdresser -  lookig forward to just sit in the chair and be cared for :)


Hilda R.B said...

Så fint det er i Stokholm. Det første bildet var helt nydelig. Så stilig komposisjon. Oi. Har du fått vårblomster og den flotte gule fargen. Vi går en fin tid i møte da. Kos deg i morgen.

Friko said...

These are excellent photographs. I love the little street.

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