Monday, 25 April 2011

Lovely Hungary

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One day we visited this little village in the south east of Hungary. It is a Romanian village and the children are taught in Romanian language at school.

(I don’t think the Hungarian children in Romania are taught i  their own language.)


There is a EU project goung on in the village – we thought it was perhaps about renovating cultural buildings.

Here is a cute little catholic church. It was open so we entered.


Isn’t it awesome! I am sure it is very old and very well cared about.


We also went to Békéscsaba market.


There we had a lángos where they make the world’s best!


They also have the best garlic here so I put a lot on my Lángos.


Today we came back to Budapest from our trip to the south east of Hungary. We also visited Gyula close to Romania.


A have more than 200 pictures from our trip so there are more to see later :)


Eve said...

It looks like a wonderful trip! The church is wonderful and the pastry looks so delicious! :D

EG Wow said...

I agree that it's wonderful that the Romanian children are educated in their own language! The church interior is very well kept.

Gary said...

Great tour Birgitta!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes, a wonderful tour indeed, Birgitta! Beautiful old church! And the food looks delicious. I think it's great, too, that the Romanian children are being taught in their own language! Excellent post and wonderful captures! Hope your week is going well!


eileeninmd said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour. Your photos are great, my favorite is the last scene, it is a very pretty place.

Genie said...

Beautiful, beautiful captures, and what a wonderful trip you have taken us on. I think my favorite shot is the one of the buildings with the canal in front. It is so dreamy. The church is lovely, too..such a sweet altar. This is a s=wonderful post.

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