Tuesday, 21 June 2011

W is for Wonderful World

ABC Wednesday 

What a Wonderful Worl We have through the camera lense. It’s not always that wonderful IRL.

A perfect photo day makes me whirling happy so today I am so enormous whirling happy from a walk in Lund Botanical garden.
After my first shots I was sure! This is a Wonderful World!

Soon it is the romantic Midsummer – when … sleeping on the picked seven wild flowers placed under the pillow … you will dream of your husband to be … my dream came true :)

Now in the Botanical garden I caught them in the act and in the flower that in Sweden is called Midsummer flower …. just look … what a perfect day!


Flowers and bees …. love and peace …

W is for What a Wonderful World – WWW!

Best wishes to all of you Rött hjärta


Karen said...

Gorgeous captures!

Jingle said...

what a wondrous w post.
the photo shots are superb.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful, beautiful world indeed! Terrific captures and such delightful flowers, Birgitta! Great post for the W Day! Enjoy!

ABC Team

Roger Owen Green said...

wonderful post.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

EG Wow said...

Wonderful post, Birgitta. I agree that we live in an amazing world. A botanic garden is a great place to watch nature.

kris... said...

I love these flowers, have some in my flower bed even. Do you know what they are called? I just can't remember. Love the story about the wildflowers under your pillow.

Jane and Chris said...

WOW! Incredible photos of the bugs!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

I am loving all your micro images. This one is funny! I wonder if the beetles were embarrassed!

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