Tuesday, 30 August 2011

FOTO dagbok

FOTO dagbok 

I woul like very much to find “my photo eye”. What would make my pictures recognised as “typical Birgitta” in the same time as my favourite kind of pictures.

I want to take another step in my kind of photographing!

I am not a landscape photographer nor am I a portrait photographer. I definately don’t like bringing my tripods and I don’t like to set up lights. I want to shoot the moment as it is “natural” and do it as good as possible - developing my skills in such situations.

I like rough things, details and funny angles. More and more I like black & white.

A rough lamp.


… in black and white …


Look! The back yard buildings are reflected in the bulb. I wasn’t aware of this when shooting – but saw it in the computer.


Some day ….. I think I will go towards portraiting humans – I prefere to say “humans” instead of “people”.
“Humans” - Because I want to catch that unique personal beauty in the specific man or woman. Anyway this is my thoughts.
When people are true to their origin they are humans.
When people not are true to their origin they are just some people wanting to be some(thing) else.

Original, aboriginal, natural, simple, unique humans are very interesting.

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