Thursday, 4 August 2011


Haiku Heights 

Grandfather’s two boys
Best friends they say they are and
I love them so much!

Grandmother’s two boys
holding each other’s hands
- brothers in friendship

5 comments: said...

a very nice moment registered with love and feeling.well done

Oh..I changed the ehader of my blog to a dandelion....look if it´s what you saw...if is it..I´ll send you in a large size...thanks

ormbunke said...

Tryggt att hålla handen om det blir för spännande. Ha de gott i helgen. Anita

Leo said...

thats quite a beautiful thought, Birgitta :) two vividly different haikus.

Live2cherish said...

Beautifully blended.

Someone is Special said...

beautiful :-)

Someone is Special

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