Monday, 29 August 2011

Once it was

… once it was a beautiful house, I am sure.


With lovely details and ornaments.


Now it is falling apart … or perhaps going to be restored.


Many houses in Budapest looks like this one and some have been restored and looks awesome once again.


Most of the people owns their flats and some of the flats are the communities.


In the communist time they often splitted up the large apartments to let more people come and live in these houses. Most of the houses at that time started to fall apart because they were not cared of. A lot of things fell apart in Hungary during the communist area. That was a bad and very poor time in history.

I came here the first time in 1976 – very closed country at that time – now it’s open and piece by piece restored. At that time very few spoke English – they were not allowed to learn western languages. Now it’s no problem with the English.

The Hungarians have a country to be proud of and I love it – especially Budapest.


Evelyn S. said...

Oh, this building is so beautiful, and your photographs show it off so well!

orvokki said...

Very beautifull old buildning, but it is a pity when a beautiful decay.
Your fotos ar fabulous.

Pradeepa said...

What wonderful architecture. This building would have been a very beautiful one once. It still is.

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