Monday, 5 September 2011

In the shadow

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In the shadow of Buda castle facing the Danube and the Parliament.

When I am in Budapest there are so many things to photograph and I love it. I love the beauty as well as all what has suffered from hard times. Lots of places are now being restored after the destructed communist time. I think Budapest is the most beautiful and friendly city in Europe. It is also very well taking cared of.
Only one thing I don’t like and that is all the bad graffiti on walls, monuments and other art work. It is so out of respect for other people and culture. It is really sad.


Preparing for the wine festival in the castle area. The wine festival starts on Wednesday. The house in the bg is the President’s office.

On the way down from the castle area you find this graffiti shame.


We are going to pass over the beautiful Chain Bridge to Pest side. Our flat is just behind the great St Stephan Cathedral.


I Rött hjärta Budapest and go here as often as I can.


hannah said...

Home of the Polgar sisters: three girls who excelled at chess.
About graffiti: some have a certain charm. And have you never felt tempted when facing an empty wall :-)?
Looks like a lovely city and your pictures do it justice.

Genie said...

Birgitta....Oh, how I love to visit your blog and see all of the beautiful sights you photograph for us to enjoy. I think if I lived close to Budapest I would go there often, too. It looks to be such a magnificent OLD city. Sadly, we have nothing to compare in the US. Old mountains but that it about it compared to Europe. This post is especially pretty. Thanks for brightening my evening. genie

lisa said...

Budapest looks like a beautiful place Birigtta, and I love the images you have captured. I agree, the grafitti is sad. In the right place it can be beautiful, but in the wrong place, I just hate to see it.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great evening!


Pat said...

Lovely scenes from Budapest!

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