Monday, 2 January 2012

Police work

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I have never seen so many policemen at the same time before.


The Ándrássy blvrd was closed for traffic in the Opera area. All streets crossing àndrássy were also closed and no cars were allowed to park. When we went out we noticed the empty street and all the policemen in our street but when we went home again and turned at the Opera this was what we saw:


Since we live in the street behind the Opera we were allowed to go in the closed area and I could take some pictures. The picture face the house opposite the Opera.


Groups of policemen marched ahead and they were riot-equipped. I wondered what they thought might happen?


Behind the Opera this man had a speach. Not so many were listening but he was surrounden by the police. Perhaps it all was about some extreme politics? I don’t know since we don’t speek Hungarian.


Also in our street there are a group of riot-equipped policemen. We came home all right but it was a bit exciting I must say.

There are always something happening in Budapest – but mostly about ART and CULTURE :)

Now I have learnt more about this. Check out the article from BBC.


Sylvia K said...

Can make for a scary night! We've had a lot of that here in Seattle with the Occupy movement. Fortunatley, there were no problems over the holidays. Hope your year is off to a good start! Enjoy! Stay safe!


KB said...

Great pics.

My OWT is up too.

Happy New Year from New Zealand.

Carver said...

Wow, that would be scary especially not speaking the language or knowing what it was about. You got some great shots. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

What wonderfully lit-up buildings! Lovely shots.

Arija said...

In a strange country to be surrounded by police in riot gear can be a little unnerving. We had that experience in Granada at one time. Everything seemed sunlit and calm in the tourist areas and when you turned into a side street, there were truck loads of riot geared police with heavy batons and sub-machine guns.

So glad you got home all fight!

Luna Miranda said...

i get nervous when i see a lot of riot police, and i stay away. demonstrations can turn violent. you were so brave taking these photos.

jeannette said...

The police must have had good reasons! But better safe than sorry:)

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